46. Matt Wenning on Consistency and Evolving

There is a common trait that most successful people share.


They have morning rituals. They surround themselves with people of similar mindsets. Their schedule is set for specific goals. Most importantly, they show up day in and out.

Matt Wenning takes us through his journey.

From post grad school to today. We cover a lot of ground in this episode, while catching up. It has only been 20 years since we last connected.

Matt has his Masters in Biomechanics from Ball State University. He owns a gym, Ludus Magnus, in Columbus, Ohio. Matt is an online entrepreneur, exercise equipment designer, and an elite level strength coach. When He was a competitive power lifter that held three world records. Matt lives and breaths strength.

This episode is full of great stories and a behind the scenes look at Matt’s work. Amazing stuff. Check out his site and enjoy the show.

Check out Wenningstrength.com to see his killer belt squat and equipment. He also has a slew of guides and a patreon channel with workouts and info galore.

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