53. Tom Purvis: Evolving an Exercise Practice

Living, breathing, and communicating the components of exercise is Tom Purvis’s obsession.

Tom Purvis is the owner of the Resistance Training Specialist (RTS) & ExerciseProfessional.com. His attention to detail on every component of the exercise experience, and continuum is paving the way to a completely different conversation about exercise. That conversation, is one of taking exercise out of commoditization and into a moment by moment experience.

Understanding the mechanics, tools, and human dynamics can make all the difference in training the majority of the population. (the majority of exercisers walk into gyms or programs with prior injuries or medical conditions.) This conversation goes deep into the history of exercise, and application to differentiate yourself in a flooded exercise market.

Tom specializes in mentoring and educating Exercise Professionals.

Exercise, dosed correctly, can change lives. That is not done by chance.


See what Tom is up to.


Resistance Training Specialist (in-person exercise education)

Tom’s YouTube Channel

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