50. Caron Adderley Upgrading Your Goal Setting Process

You know the drill.  


Every year you put some arbitrary goals in place.  Throw  some KPI's (key performance indicators) in the mix to measure what's going on.  Then, you make the magic happen.  You reach your goals  but you still feel the same.  Nothing's changed.  


Many of us go through reaching goals only to feel hollow.  

Some of us never set goals to begin with because we are scared of failing. 


Take the fear out of setting goals.  Set goals that you actually want to attain.  


I first met Caron Adderley through the Strong Coach 90 day program.  She is my mentor.

Caron surrounds herself with what she loves.  She walks the walk.  Goal setting is her super power. 


Caron is a Coach at the Madlab School of Fitness in Vancouver, Canada and she runs goal setting courses.


Your life's direction is in your hands.  Will you choose to live society's definition of fulfillment, or your own?


Enjoy the episode.


Catch up with Caron.





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